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Situated in the embrace of impressive cliffs, which surround the town from three sides, Omiš is a prefect place for free climbing, a sport which offers a true sense of nature and freedom.
Over 40 marked climbing routes on 7 different climbing locations are a guarantee of an interesting and exciting climbing vacation. The route difficulty levels range from the easiest ones i.e. routes intended for beginners to the most difficult ones (known among the climbers as „projects“).


Making its way through the limestone of the surrounding mountains the river Cetina created magnificent forms and built a canyon filled with natural beauties: high cliffs (180 m), underground tunnels, cascades, lakes and the more than 50 m high waterfall of Gubavica. The narrowest part of the river Cetina canyon, upstream from the hydropower plant Kraljevac, makes perfect scenery for canyoning.

For those seeking even more adrenaline extreme canyoning is organised, which apart from the standard canyoning route also includes the descent down the Gubavica waterfall with the use of professional rock-climbing equipment and in the company of experienced instructors.


Rafting on the River of Cetina takes you down a 9 kilometre long part of the Cetina course, from the village of Penšići to the excursion site of Radmanove Mlinice (i.e. Radman"s mills).
The river Cetina will welcome you with its mild and moderate rapids, its clear and deep river lakes which are perfect for swimming, the lush vegetation along its banks forming several „tunnels“ of branches along the way, its impressive cliffs and hidden caves...


Along the sea shore, down the river, across popular but also forgotten mountain paths, the trekking possibilities are infinite.Each new track will reveal another story of Omiš, a story about fishing, about the history of sand extraction on the Cetina river, about the famous pirates of Omiš and their magnificent fortresses, about the rich plant and animal life of the Cetina canyon.... and before you have reached your destination you will be „head over heels“ for Omiš.