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Adrenaline activities

Enjoy activities such as zip-lining, rafting on the Cetina River, and hiking, exploring the
beautiful nature. Relax on the beaches, explore the cultural heritage and gastronomy for a
complete experience. Omiš offers an incredible combination of active relaxation and
entertainment, providing you with an adventure to remember.
If you are looking for a bit more excitement and adventure on your vacation, canyoning is the right choice for you.
During canyoning on the river Cetina, you will experience swimming through the crystal clear river, hiking in some parts, sliding through the rapids and passing through the beautiful tunnels. You will have an incredible view of the 55 meter high waterfall Gubavica, and as a reward for your effort, you will have the chance to peek in the cave located at the heart of the waterfall.

Tour info
Departure daily: 8:30
Experience: Not necessary
Age limit: 10 years
Activity duration: 4,5h
Includes: pick up/ drop off at camp, professional guides, licensed gear, photos and insurance
Tips: We recommend wearing sport clothing, bring
your own water bottle and some snacks
We invite you to enjoy with us the adventure and the wonderful scenery of untouched nature of the river Cetina. It is the water richest river in southern Croatia with a length of 101 km.
Join us on a 12 km long trail down numerous rapids, swim in a crystal clear river and feel the
adrenaline of a jump from a 5m high cliff. We offer you a perfect combination of exciting
descent and relaxation in one of the most beautiful canyons in Europe.

Tour info
Departure daily: 8:00 and 12:30
Experience: Not necessary
Age limit: 4 years
Activity duration: 3,5h
Includes: pick up/drop off at camp, professional guides and licensed gear and insurance
Tips: We recommend wearing sport clothing, bringing a swimsuit, your own water bottle
and some snacks
Enjoy a bird’s-eye view of river Cetina canyon.
The adrenalin infused Zipline consists of eight steel cables across which you descend down the canyon sitting in a belt. The total length of the cables is 2,100 m, the longest of which is 700 m and is 150 m above ground level.
Transport to the starting point and back is organized with our vehicles. Before the start, there will be a training session during which time each participant receives their equipment. There are 2 short cables, 25 m long, on which the guides will demonstrate how to behave on the zipline.

Tour info
Departure daily: per request
Experience: Not necessary
Age limit: 7 years

Max weight: 140 kg
Activity duration: 3h
Included: pick up/ drop off at camp, insurance, professional guides, licensed gear and photos
Tips: We recommend wearing sport clothing, bring your own water bottle and some snacks


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