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How to reach us?

GPS – kamp Galeb Omiš:

N 43° 26' 28“
E 16° 40' 51“


If traveling by camper of with a caravan down the Dalmatian highway, we advise you to take the Dugopolje highway exit, drive to Split and continue to Omiš. GPS devices usually take you to Blato n/C, but the road leading from there to Omiš is inappropriate for large vehicles. 

If you are coming from the south, we recommend exiting the highway at J29, Zagvozd, taking the road 76 to join the coastal road at Baska Voda, and then driving north to Omiš.







Distance to Omiš:

Amsterdam 1744 km
Barcelona 1894 km
Beograd 567 km
Berlin 1488 km
Bern 1273 km
Bratislava 828 km
Bruxelles 1693 km
Bucuresti 1249 km
Budapest 768 km
Kaunas 1909 km
Kiev 2085 km
Kobenhavn 1833 km
Ljubljana 550 km
Madrid 2492 km
Minsk 1949 km
Praha 1107 km
Roma 484 km
Sarajevo 268 km
Skopje 674 km
Sofia 854 km
Tirana 508 km
Warszawa 1475 km
Wien 783 km
Zagreb 428 km