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Camping rules

Dear camping Galeb guests, welcome!

Maintaining order and peace in the campsite is in the best interest of all guests. Therefore, we ask you to get familiar with the camping rules and obey them. It will make your stay in our camping more pleasant.

1. At the arrival to the campsite, you must check in at the reception;
Reception office working hours are 6 A.M to 10 P.M.;
The guests who do not check-in will be charged for three previous days.
2. Each camper is given a camping number plate which must be kept on a visible place on the tent, caravan or camper;
Each lost camping number plate or refrigerator, bathroom or mobile home key is charged 50 HRK.
3. Upon arrival the guests can choose any pitch or camping place that is not reserved, taking care not to disturb the neighbors
4. Excursions tickets can be obtained in the agency on the reception
5. Guests must look after their personal belongings. Valuable belongings and money can be deposited at the reception desk for safe keeping. The camping management shall not be held responsible for stolen items.
6. Entrance to the campsite is allowed between 6 A.M. and 12 P.M.
7. all guests must obey the following camping rules:

  • to keep their camping pitches clean
  • to provide peace and quiet after 11 P.M.
  • optimal amount of warm water is provided and can be maintained only if used economically
  • the maximum driving speed in the camping is 5 km/h
  • boats may not be used closer than 200 m from the coast
  • all found items should be given to the reception desk
  • open fire is not allowed
  • it is nor allowed to hold explosives and inflammables in the camping
  • dogs must be held on a leash and are not allowed to swim on the camping beach

Camping Galeb Management